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limescale - calcium, magnesium water

Water rich in minerals magnesium and calcium to human health is extremely beneficial.

However, the change in temperature or pressure in the pipe, so rich water creates limescale.

Scale is a solid mixture that is produced at facilities or pipelines, where the water is heated or air pressure changes. Scale acts as a thermal insulator, it means that we deliver more energy to achieve the desired temperature.
Scale thus damaging instruments, equipment and piping as well as enormous increases in energy consumption so infested facility.

The ideal solution is that the magnesium and calcium in the water remained (as they are very important for health) and also that do not form hard scale buildup, which damage the device and increase energy consumption.

Effective way to protect against limescale and for hard water treatment is hard water descaler - limescale remover and more information you can find on website

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